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  • Hundred Soccer Cup
    The quadrennial 2018 FIFA football World Cup Russia has ended and ushered in the quadrennial Hundred Scarf football cup. The game is in full swing:
  • France Win The World Cup: 4-2 Goals Are Crazy, ...
    Opening game 5-0, closing game 4-2! Russia's World Cup has been "wild" in both games. The final produced six surprising goals, second only to the 1958 World Cup final
  • The Most Wealthy Fans Of The World Cup Appeared...
    The most wealthy fans of the World Cup appeared in the semi-finals! Russia's World Cup ended the first semi-final contest, the French team defeated the Belgian team with 1-0 to reach the final, only
  • A Big Order From India
    We are the manufacturer of scarves,which is specializing in scarves more than 5 years,we can custom scarves for you with high quality,silk scarves、polyester scarves、acrylic scarves、modal scarves、wool
  • Notifications Of The Dragon Boat Festival
    The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.Duanwu is also called duanwu,duanyang.In addition,the Dragon Boat Festival has many other names,such as: noon day,double five,M
  • How To Quickly Start First Business
    As a sales,we need to make more efforts than other positions,firstly ,we upload and update the products everyday so that our Our products can be better promoted,by the way ,once we get inquiry from ou
  • Winning A Big Client
    With my continuous tracking and persistent efforts,I finally got the big order over ¥100000 scarves,and now the goods are ready to reach the client with good luck...already tired...
  • The Distinguishing Of Cashmere Scarf
    Feel Visual It is the most direct and easy way for consumers to distinguish the quality of cashmere scarf. The main visual inspection is to see whether the knitted sweater is flat, the surface is e
  • Cashmere Scarf Cleaning Process
    1. Put the cashmere scarf into the warm tub. No cashmere scarf. 2. Pour in a little (normal our shampoo usage) our daily shampoo. 3. Rub the shampoo on the cashmere scarf and press a few back
  • Specifications Of Cashmere Scarves
    Long x Width + tassel length x 2 Knitted scarf Knitted scarf 136cm x 30cm + 7.0cm x 2 145cm x 30cm + 7.5cm x 2 150cm x 30cm + 8.0cm x 2 155cm x 30cm + 7.5cm x 2 160cm x 35cm + 8.0
  • Scarf Classification
    Knitted Scarf (knitted SCARF) and cashmere sweater similar, with a flat machine to produce, can be made into different needle type and organization, such as: 7-pin double silver ingot needle scarf, 12
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