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Cotton Scarves

  • Cotton Scarf

    Cotton fiber is hygroscopic,so it feels soft and not stiff,and it feels comfortable at all times.It is more dry in summer.

  • Cotton Scarf With Logos

    The hand feel is soft and thick.Polyester cotton is divided into plain and twill.The plain polyester cotton fabric is thin,the strength and wear resistance are very good,the shrinkage rate is...

  • Men's Cotton Scarf

    Warm: The thermal and electrical conductivity of cotton fiber is extremely low. The fiber itself is porous and has high elasticity. The gap between the fibers can accumulate a large amount of air...

  • Lightweight Cotton Scarves

    Cotton fiber has greater resistance to alkali. Cotton fiber does not break in alkali solution. This property is good for washing and disinfecting impurities after washing. It can also dye and...

  • Handmade Cotton Scarves

    Cotton fiber is a natural fiber whose main component is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substance and nitrogen and pectin. The cotton fabric has been inspected and practiced in many aspects....

  • Lightweight Cotton Scarf

    Environmental protection: Cotton fiber is a natural fiber.The cotton fabric is in contact with the skin without any irritation and is beneficial to the human body.

  • Handmade Cotton Scarf

    Pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance. When it is below 110 °C, it will only cause water evaporation on the fabric and will not damage the fiber. Therefore, the cotton fabric is worn at...

  • Cotton Fashion Scarves For Women

    ​The arrival of early spring means that all the heavy items must be thrown away,but although it is early spring,the winter cold has not completely receded,at this time,cotton scarf is the first...

  • Ladies Cotton Scarves

    The shape is natural, smooth and fashionable, because the shawl knot is behind, so the back looks like the same from the back. Paired with a compact suit, very coordinated.Ladies cotton...

  • Cotton Blend Scarf

    Scarves always bring people a lot of memories, weaving a warm love, the silk thread shuttles a noble atmosphere. The temperament of wearing a scarf is always surprisingly elegant. Whether it is...

  • Cotton Blend Scarves

    Some people say that people who like scarves have a little narcissism. But some people know that it is because they wear a scarf, so the face will be more clear, and they can better adjust the...

  • Women's Fashion Cotton Scarves

    Cotton scarevs, the fabric is thick but not heavy, the warmth and wearability is excellent, no fading, no hair, no static.

  • Women's Fashion Cotton Scarf

    The classic fashion is born with a sense of fashion and can't resist the gas field. It has a special attraction, naturally exudes the mature and rational charm, the matching design of the two...

  • Cotton Scarves For Women

    Cotton scarf is hygroscopic, breathable and cool;

  • Cotton Scarf For Women

    1, dyeing performance is good, soft gloss, natural beauty. 2, alkali-resistant, high-temperature alkali treatment can be made into mercerized cotton.

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