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How to Embrace the Printed Scarf for Your Hijab Outfit
Jul 26, 2018

How to Embrace the Printed Scarf for Your Hijab Outfit

The famous dreaded but deeply admired patterned hijab wrap. They're so beautiful to look at, admire and dream about wearing, but when it comes to styling it, you scare away. It's hard to think of how you're going to match your outfit to it's gorgeous intricate designs. Are the colors gonna match? Do you have to keep the textures in mind? Does it look too much? We hunted down how the best Hijabi bloggers style their patterned scarf, because if anyone can make patterns and outfit statement look cool its them. During the hunt we noticed a marble pattern trend. We noticed that some one them like to go above and beyond with the pattern by wearing clothes of the same pattern and turning the outfit into a two piece, eclectic tribal look. If you're struggling with your impulse buy of patterned wraps and you want to know how to style them, take a look at these style inspirations.