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How to Tell Authentic Silk from Fake?
May 19, 2018

Sadly, like anything that is precious and beautiful there is much fake silk available on the market that is advertised as authentic. Fortunately there are many simple ways to detect fake silk from pure. True silk is smooth to the touch, naturally shiny and bright. It drapes well, feels wonderful on the skin, and absorbs moisture. Fake silk will not have these properties. 

When examining silk one should first use their eyes. This is a great way to tell true silk from artificial. The warps and wefts of true silk will be woven finely and be flat with bright, even, and neat colors. Fake silk is made of man-made materials. The thread will not be even in thickness, and the warps and wefts will not be very even, or flat. The colors will have flaws, and will have uneven colors. The next and perhaps the most enjoyable way of detecting fake silk is by feeling the silk. True silk will be smooth and soft to the touch and it will lay across the skin in a very natural way. It should feel fantastic. Another way to test silk's authenticity is to test the silk's voice. True silk will emit a sound when rubbing. It is called the silk voice. If silk does not have a voice, it is man-made and not authentic silk. Fire is also a good way to test silk. Take a thread from the cloth, and light it. True silk will burn slowly, and curl. It will smell like burning hair, and will crumble into dust. Fake silk will burn quickly, smell like burning plastic, and will melt into a glob. Just be careful when implementing this test. Burnt fingers will make the whole silk shopping experience less enjoyable.