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how to wear the Stewardess Scarf in formal/official ?
Jun 01, 2018

The small square scarf in the scarves has become a typical symbol of most service industries. Whether in the service industry or in daily life, we can use the method of square and silk scarves as the single product we match. Recommend a graphic illustration of the square and scarf.

How to tie your scarf for flight attendants.jpg

STEP 1:Find a scarf of this wrinkled flower and tie the two corners of the fold

how to wear the Stewardess Scarf in formal.jpg

STEP 2:Pass the remaining two corners through the node from the bottom, one corner on the left and one corner on the right.

Stewardess Scarf.jpg

STEP 3:Then gently pull apart the two corners. After a flower-size shape is in the middle, you can stop pulling.

how to wear the Stewardess Scarf.jpg

STEP 4:Finally, in turn, by hand to adjust their favorite patterns, the method of the square towel is completed.

HOW to tie a scarf.jpg

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