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Summer Is Coming-How To Create Funky New Looks Using Scarves
May 11, 2018

    Throw on a scarf for a style upgrade

Have this annoying habit of picking up scarves every now and then?Well,we say it is a great thing. Not only do scarves help in leading a stylish edge to monochromes,everyday casuals winter wear or India ethnic,they can be used in many ways to fix almost every kind of fashion problem.Or better still,used in creative ways to add to your fashion wardrobe-be it bandanas,mini bags, belts,dresses, and more.Wondering how?We have listed few fun ways of turning your colourful scarves into multi-purpose accessories:

Wrap it up as a belt

Change the look of your dress by tying a peppy hued or patterned scarf around your waist. If you have a skinny scarf handy, try pulling it through your belt loops and securing with a bow.

Swimsuit cover up

Some swimsuits can be quite troublesome. That's when you can use a scarf to tie it around your hips for a bit of cover, or wrap a larger scarf around your chest for a strapless dress style.

A fun little skirt

Throw on a scarf over your bikini bottoms or workout shorts for a cute vacation style upgrade. It's perfect for a summer beach vacation.

    Tie it into a mini bag

If you ever find yourself in need of an extra hand, try tying a scarf into a mini hobo bag. Simply gather up the corners, tie a few knots, and you'll be carrying your farmer's market goodies in no time.

    Hair Accessory

Can't find your hairband or have no clue what to do with your hair? Use a trendy scarf to tie back your hair or style it into buns and updos.

    Stylish top

Bored of your same old tees? Give it a fun makeover by tying around a scarf in stylish ways.

Now that you have these ideas, have some fun this summer and make use of your scarves like never before.

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