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The lovely knot of a scarf
Apr 20, 2018

Scarf Type: scarves, small square. With clothing: knitted sweater, the head can also, Cardigan also line.

In short, the more heavy sweaters, the thick is more suitable for a small scarf, a soft blouse plus elegant silk scarf, so that your full feminine taste to bloom.

Suitable environment: not only suitable for the elegant office environment, but also can cater to outdoor sports style. Color: Still the same, depending on the dress change. The color of the darker clothing is suitable with a light color or dark bottom.

Bright-lined scarf, as long as the scarf and body clothing color looks harmonious (generally not more than three colors), as you build.


1. Fold the silk scarf two diagonally and then roll it into a strip.

2. Two fold again, around the neck, the two head together from the bend of the place around;

3. Then turn one of the two heads upside down and go around the top. 4. Finish the shape until satisfied.